Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Madonna will go to the Moon like a Virgin (Galactic)

The legendary pop singer Madonna has announced she will travel to the moon, after paying 200,000 dollars for a ticket. The music Diva said she wants to go "to forget for a while all of my problems". Madonna has been recently troubled by the rumors of her imminent divorce to filmmaker Guy Ritchie and by the publication of a book by her brother Cristopher Siccone where some of the stars deepest intimacys are revealed.

The spacecraft that will take Madonna on her moon-ride, will be SpaceShip Two, owned by the intrepid millionaire Richard Branson, who recently unveiled the mothership his company Virgin Glactic will use to launch tourists into space. Even though the trips to the the moon for "common" tourists will begin in 2013, an exception will be made in the case of the Queen of Pop, and she will be able to reach the moon in 2009.

Recent photos have showed Madonna in a discouraged state, in evident depression. But her never winding spirit has made her take radical decisions to counterattack her emotional gloom, this way she has appointed refreshingly her moon-ride as a n opportunity to relax and meditate with on her problems with the aid of the cosmic views.

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