Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Charlie Vandergaw "The bear man"

"Am I like some sorry sucker who happened to work until he's 70 in an office, is that living?" Charlie asks himself out loud. "No I beg to differ with you, that's existing. I live out here. Every day is wonderful out here". He is the 70 years old former science professor, from Anchorage, Alaska, that has been living for the past two decades surrounded by Black and Grizzly bears."I got started on this innocently enough, I was living out here alone, and they became friends. They sought me out." he tells with a sweet but wild look in his eyes.

Charlie embodies the archetype of the free spirit guy who doesn't fear to realize that the mirror talks about the original state of freedom that every conscious entity is design to live. "That's what I like about Alaska, because I can live like I want to live. Fish or hunt, and you don't have to answer to anyone out here. You're not controlled by other people". Alaska, the everlasting green and white paradise, natural magic and genuine toughness.

Although his best friends are both, the Black and the Grizzlies, he doesnt hesitate to confess his favorite gang, the one that is considered as the most dangerous type of North American bears, and which Herzog´s film "The Grizzly Man" showed us how they killed another of their best friends, with his girlfriend as a combo. "I think I'm mesmerized by grizzly bears. I love the black bears, but there's just something about a grizzly bear that is hypnotic to me. There's something about their aura, the way they look at you. It's a whole different energy level than the black bears. You know something is about to explode when a grizzly comes in".

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EaRtH bAbE said...

I first saw Charlie on an episode of 60 minutes and as i watched i was so amazed that in this day and age it is possible to live in harmony with those magnificant creature, its just SO amazing and made me realise that dreams can and docome true.It really awakened the inner animal in me!

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