Monday, September 15, 2008

"Staring at (Schrodinger's) Cat Staring at Cat Staring"

"Staring at cat staring at cat staring" by Steve Bishop

A clay sculpture that plays with deep ideas with great naturality: sort of an infinite loop flowing, like a mirror against a mirror with the river ebbing and flowing through the circuitry of the eyes laser star war light (perhaps the eternal golden braid between Bach, Escher and Godel). And last but not least, playing with the quantum (cat) paradox proposed by Edwin Schrodinger as an image of the undecidable principle in reality, the o,1 nature: cat dead or alive, being both at the same time and only one of the before when perception ("the ray of an other eye") endows it with its function-collapsing reality, an extension of the wave-particle duality. This time the uncertainty (the catch) being which cat will explode first.

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