Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First contact - Begins 14th October 2008-Mothership in the sky

Is this a another hoax or part of the strain of viral marketing, ala Montauk Monster?. Well we will have to wait, but it will certainly be interesting to keep an a eye on October skies. Whether we find a fake hologram (government or advertisement ) spaceship, Pleiadian revelation or just the same blue mirror of ourselves in the sky.

Some Youtube comments:

McKauhu (1 hour ago) Reply: Hopefully this is true

imtheone06 (11 hours ago) Reply: ya know what, I heard that this whole thing is staged by the U.S. govt. and that it will be a hologram built by nasa to fake an alien visitation. Now I don't know if this is true or not, but this is just what I've heard. IF it really is an alien mothership, then that would be too incredible for words..

waterkeeper511 (3 hours ago) Reply I heard they want to stage an alien *invasion* whereas THESE aliens are the good ones.
xalexdomaumano (13 hours ago) I Wish i'm lying(don't know how to right)
but i don't think they'll make contact with us... and if the make it it would be amazing imagine what's the number of theyr's PS they must be at PS3000

saveamericaplease (14 hours ago) Reply: How do we not know that when they showup on Oct 14 2008, it is not bluebeam.The people on this world can see truth in our own hearts, if we just look for our selves.The earth will change as it always has and we will change.Don't follow others over a cliff,be a leader and look within.If your gut feeling tells you it's right,that is what I would investigate.Don't listen to my words or others,hear your inner voice.We can do this,just think and be positive and the world will change..

cdc51049 (14 hours ago) Reply: This is wonderful! They have been waiting a long time for the right time to make open, public contact. Their appearance will plunge us into a new reality that will challenge a lot people's belief systems - particularly those that are fear-based. Adjustment is a very organic process. Embrace this with your whole being and let it happen. Your body and mind may to do some wierd stuff while adjusting to the new reality. This is normal. Body work, energy work, meditation, breathing will help.

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