Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Supermodel Carmen Kass will play in the Chess Grand Slam at Bilbao

Supermodel and Estonian angel Carmen Kass will dispute the Chess Masters Grand Slam to be held at Bilbao at the beginning of September, the most important tournament in the world. Kass, who was worked as the liquid gold image of Dior (among many other brands) and as sexy runaway Victoria Secret´s ethereal object of desire, is also president of his countries Chess Federation.

Carmen offers much more than just a supermodel "it" paradigm. She has been called "the smartest supermodel", or "the only supermodel whose brain is sexier than her body".

Kass ran for the European Parliament after her homeland joined the European Union in May 2004. She won about 2000 votes from the Estonian electorate, but was not elected to the European Parliament.

Kass dated Leonardo Di Caprio and is currently involved with German Chess champion Eric Lobron. Her sister Victoria de Luna (married to singer Joe de Luna) was extradited from the US for drug trafficking charges, apparently running a Tallin-New York ecstasy pill operation.

So apparently there is a lot to do with Carmen Kass, a broad specter of conversation, a delicate panoply of moves to make, studied gestures, divinations, surmises, soft elegance golden horses to ride, pawns to kill, bishops chekmates to engage in with this keen and cute Estonian modern chick.

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Psicanzuelo said...

I have always been a fan of Kass...

Anonymous said...

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