Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Do Aliens exist? UK Poll says yes

Do UFOs exist?

I've seen a UFO 9%
I've never seen a UFO but believe they exist 43%
I've never seen a UFO and don't believe they exist 36%
Don't know 12%

Is there alien life in our solar system?

Definitely 13%
Maybe 29%
Probably not 29%
Not at all 20%
Don't know 9%

Is there alien life in the Milky Way?

Definitely 20%
Maybe 48%
Probably not 15%
Don't know 9%

Is there alien life in the rest of the universe?

Definitely 41%
Maybe 38%
Probably not 7%
Not at all 5%
Don't know 10%

Have aliens tried to communicate with Earth?

Definitely 7%
Maybe 33%
Probably not 25%
Not at all 21%
Don't know 14%

Have aliens visited Earth?

Definitely 9%
Maybe 28%
Probably not 24%
Not at all 25%
Don't know 14%

Are aliens living amongst us?

Definitely 2%
Maybe 11%
Probably not 32%
Not at all 44%
Don't know 11%

Is the Government concealing evidence on UFOs?

Definitely 15%
Maybe 34%
Probably not 21%
Not at all 20%
Don't know 10%

If alien life existed, would it be friendly or threatening?

Friendly 23%
Threatening 13%
Don't know 64%

How long before alien life is proved?

It has been but has not been officially announced 15%
Within five years 3%
Five - ten years 4%

Ten - 50 years 9%
50 - 100 years 7%
More than 100 years 15%
Never 17%
Don't know 30%

Are any of the following proof of alien life?

Stonehenge 8%
Pyramids 13%
Crop circles 16%
Ice on Mars 18%
Other 11%
No evidence 55%

Are reports of people being abducted by aliens true?

Definitely 6%
Maybe 21%
Probably not 28%
Not at all 31%
Don't know 14%

(Poll by YouGov; 1,500 people)

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