Friday, June 13, 2008

Susan Atkins of the Manson Family could be released

Susan Atkins the once sexy gore member of the Manson Family, could be released after 37 years in prison because of a near death condition.  Although her illness has not oficially been established, the LA Times affirms we are talking about brain cancer.

Atkins was imprisoned in 1969 for the Tate - La Bianca murders, orchestrated by the ultra dark and legendary Chrales Manson. She has been denied parole eleven times since those two deathly day back in 69 when Susan and other Manson members killed 8 month-pregnant Sharon Tate and four guests at a dinner in Tate´s and Roman Pollansky´s house. One day after the same members murdered Rosemary and Leno La Bianca.

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