Thursday, June 12, 2008

Legal marriage between more than 2 people

In an interview with swedish Interview magazine, Sven Bergstorm (the controversial playwright) commented on the recent upheaval allowing gay marriage in places like California and possibly Costa Rica. But what was interesting was his idea to move forward as to allow marriage of more than 2 people. Although he did not state what would be the limit or the recommended number he did play with the idea of 5 peopele taking the bow. "Collective marriage", he said "would be the building block for a humanity capable of recognizing its intrinsecal partnership with the plethora rainbow-like aspect of the world. Why i should i limit my love to one unique other? Is it not the best way to commune and to accept resposibility for the planet, to unite and pledge with an increasing number of beings".

Bergstrom plans to initiate a social movement that may develop into the passing of this law. He claims that the return to a sort of civil panteism may trigger an ecoconsciousness that will be vital for the future of the world

The translation is from swedish so its is a bit inexact.

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